Build quality

Construction is mostly metal and feels very solid.
The main exception is the rubberized focus ring, not sure why Voigtländer chose rubber over metal or plastic, but it feel OK too.

One little lowlight that I found compared to Nikon lenses that do have aperture ring, it that the Voigtlander lens is missing the f/22 lock lever - useful when mounted on Nikon's electronic bodies.

The supplied front lens cap is worthless, buy an extra Nikon 52mm cap if you don't already have one.

Size and weight

Well, the lens is not as compact as I expected it to be. Granted it is smaller than the Nikon 18-70mm AFS kit lens that came with the D70, but it is significantly larger than the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF-D.
The lens is hefty, which is generally considered a good thing when it comes to SLR lenses, it feels good and solid.
By comparison to the Sigma 10-20mm HSM the Voigtländer is smaller...

BTW - bare in mind this  is a full frame lens, if you're only using it on a DX body, you are paying (and carrying) for glass that you will never be using. If it's any comfort, as it stands today, there are no better alternatives that I am aware of.